Brad Yaeger & The Night Terrors: Biography


Photo by Patti Mullen

Man, I hate music bios. You can always tell it’s somebody from the band writing in third person trying to make themselves sound more popular then they really are. I mean if they REALLY were that popular, I would already know about them wouldn’t I? Anyhow, this is me, Brad Yaeger. And this is the story of my band Brad Yaeger and The Night Terrors. I started officially writing and recording music in the Seattle area around 1993 with Jon Goff in a project later called Yawhe Speedway, then called Saloa. Around 1998 we formed a live band called No. 226 which did pretty well for a few years, then broke up. I went back to banging out solo shows in coffee shops for a few years, got tired of that and decided to put a band together again. I knew drummer Dean Offin from his work in Yahwe Speedway so I ran the idea past him. At the time he was hunting big game in Africa, but his conscience was weighing heavy on his heart so he caught the first mule train home and signed up. I first met lead guitarist Jorge Zorro around 1987 in a jail cell in Tijuana were I was doing time for cocaine smuggling. I didn’t ask what he was in for, that’s bad form. One night 3 fellow inmates tried to kill him with a broken broom handle but I stepped in and dispatched all 3 with the deadly, forbidden Kung Fu an old high school janitor taught me. ” You saved my life my friend, I owe you a favor.” “Do you play guitar?” I asked. “Why yes, I do.” said he. “Then someday, I don’t know when, I will call for you. ” I replied. That call went out in 2011. With several fill in bass players we began playing live shows and changing lives, but we needed that fourth permanent member to complete our circle of anger. It was on November 17th, 2012, that a clean-headed man came up after a show and introduced himself. “My name is Jim Santanella, I moved hear from New Jersey, I am your new bass player.” “Well, I suppose we could set up and audition…” I said. “ No, I don’t think you heard me right. I said I AM your new bass player.” Well, since had an Italian sounding name, and did Italian kind of things with his hands, and was from New Jersey, I figured probably just best to go along with it. So there you have it, the story of my band. We make recordings, we play shows and we scare people just a bit. Why you are still reading this I don’t know? By now you could have listened to the actual music instead.

• Named one of NadaMuchu’s 41 Seattle Bands We’re Watching in 2016



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