Jim Santanella: Biography


Photo by Peter Hilgendorf

Jim Santanella is a survivor. From the days of flannel and mixtapes to the age of the insta-stream, from the east coast to the west, his musical journey’s been honed with care and has never repeated itself. One could slap on labels like blues, grunge, pop or folk, but his three studio albums and raucous live shows are celebrations of guitar-driven storytelling in the grand troubadour tradition. No topic is off limits in Jim’s nakedly confessional lyrics: the promise of new love (“Sketches”), the horrors of substance abuse (“Stoned”), the freedom of the individual (“Drive”), the joy of unexpected friendship (“More Than Most”) or the hypocrisy of politics (“God Lied”). Years of dedication to his craft have widened his palette and delivery, breathing fresh air into the term “singer-songwriter.” The man also re-interprets his favorite artists without ever sounding derivative, covering everyone from Kenny Rogers to Prince to Motley Crue to Beck. After the fall of today’s viral stars, one-hit wonders and and cash-in reunions, Jim Santanella will stand tall, guitar in hand, with many more stories to be told.

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