Gather Around
RELEASED: September 19, 2015
ARTIST: Brad Yaeger & The Night Terrors
LABEL: Squatter Records
PRODUCER: Brad Yaeger & The Night Terrors and Steve Jones
Gather Around

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Album Details:

All songs written and arranged by Brad Yaeger
Brad Yaeger – Vocals & guitars
Jorge Zorro – Guitars
Dean Offin – Drums
Jim Santanella – Bass

Produced by Brad Yaeger & The Night Terrors & Steve Jones
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Steve Jones at Big Sound Productions in Seattle, WA
Album Cover photo and design by Jim Santanella

We recorded this album in two weekend sessions, 3 songs a session, in 2015 with Steve Jones at his Big Sound Production studio in Seattle. The songs were recorded live with the full band and then vocals and some additional guitars were layered on top of the live tracks. We generally recorded three takes of each song and chose the best take (often going with 1st or 2nd takes). Our approach was to not shoot for perfection but to go after energy and feel.

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