Red Carpet Killers: Biography


Red Carpet Killers are a no bullshit 100 proof guitar and drums duo formed in 2009 by Jim Santanella (vocals, guitar) and Louie Husted (drums). Both veterans of the Seattle music scene (Santanella has released 3 solo albums and produced many artists, Husted is also a member of electro-ambient Scandals and prog-noise band Black Dad), the Red Carpet Killers capture lightning in a bottle with their¬†stripped-down garage rock sound and spontaneous, feedback-drenched live shows. The songs are welded on barb-wire electric guitar and unhinged punk drumming. Santanella’s songwriting transcends convention with its varied storytelling techniques. Like their performances, the band’s self-titled debut album was recorded live and direct with minimal overdubs. In a strange digital age where the album, the single and the band itself have been forced to question their identities, Red Carpet Killers have arrived to remind us that loud, tough rock ‘n roll is never going away.

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